February 28, 2012

Picture Book is Here!

Posted by Ethne~

My photo book from Shutterfly arrived today.  Remember how I got it free from a Target check-out coupon (a/k/a ‘catalina’)?  Well, I made it last Monday and it’s here this Monday!

What a nice complement to my bowl of apples and oranges!

And what they turned over in 1 week’s time is superb.  It’s a glossy hardcover book with cardstock thickness pages – not wimpy (ie, will hold up to 4-year-old flip-throughs even tho I think I’ll still supervise).  The picture quality on each page is nice too – not grainy at all.

The price is $29.99 which isn’t ridiculous for a 20 page 8”x8” album chock full of pictures.  Mine was free (tho I had to pay 8 clams for shipping), but 30 bucks isn’t a bad price.  Shutterfly has sales and free shipping for some purchases, too.  I’ll definitely keep this in mind for next year and gifts.

One thing I am for sure doing is a book for each of the girls of their first year.  I really tried to keep up with a photo album of them from when they were born, but I didn’t quite make it.

I definitely don’t have time or full-on interest in scrapbooking – plus that costs way more than $30 this album.  This photo book has a scrapbook look, but took way less time and cost a lot less money.

Totally WOM-worthy!


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