February 27, 2014

A Teachers' Yearbook, by Dr. Seuss*

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*I am not trying to be a ghostwriter for Dr. Seuss.  I cannot rhyme that well and I think he is not, in fact, writing books anymore.  I actually do not even like rhyming greeting cards.  But if you read on, you'll see why Dr. Seuss has authored a teachers' yearbook, of sorts, for my girls.

Well, we've got parent-teacher conferences this week for our kindergarteners.  I'm a little nervous.  It's almost like a test day.  You should probably pray for us.

I'll be packing my two copies of Oh the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss, from bff Slags.  She had read somewhere about a dad giving his daughter a copy of the book, signed by all her teachers, when she graduated from high school.  (I may have seen this since on Pinterest, too.) [See, the teachers sign it every year for the kid, making it a teachers' yearbook.]

As an English teacher, it probably tugged at Slags' heart a little.  That story is really, really sweet.

And as a fellow English major, having read all of the literary classics, I must admit I have a new appreciation for Dr. Seuss of late.  KD read the entire Green Eggs and Ham to us the other day (it took her two nights because it's longer than you'd think when you're sounding it out).  I was bursting at the seams.  Turns out, his Seussian repetition and rhyme is very helpful for my beginning reader.

Regardless, I will be giving the girls' teachers a big pat on the back for teaching them to read, write** and do impressive math*** already by the middle of kindergarten.  And, if you please, would you sign my her yearbook?

**By writing I mean, they sound out words phonetically, so sometimes the spelling is atrocious but the sentences are usually legible, i.e., 'sory' = 'sorry' because the double-r doesn't make much sense if you're 6.  Also, KD keeps telling Shaun he's "m-e-n, mean".  What 'a'?

***The girls can count past 100, and can count in segments such as 5's, 10's, etc.; they can do basic arithmetic, too.  In fact, while KD was reading Seuss, Easy Mac was writing her numbers straight from 1 to 105.  What?!  I'm not joking.

Are your kids doing crazy things now too?  I bet a lot of you are as proud as I am at how far they've come in the few short years they've been on this planet.

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