February 2, 2014


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Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone.  Yes, I watched the game...and it was boring.  Honestly, I did not have a passion which way the game would go; however my very good friend and WOM-MOM follower Courtney was going for the Broncos (her hubby is die-hard).  I can't image the disappointment they are feeling.  Super sorry Courtney and Andrew!

It would have been nice to see Peyton Manning get one more ring; however Russell Wilson seems like a super guy!  I am looking forward to his SNL episode (I think all winning Super Bowl quarterbacks get a SNL episode--right?).

Enough about football--let's talk more fun valentine crafting with my BFF Ethne!

While in Big City, MN...we hit-up IKEA!  LOVE IT!  I was actually on the hunt for caster wheels for another project.  We of course, did some nice window shopping (and picked up some essentials).

Ethne ROCKIN' it in her Lands End coat!  I LOVE IT!  THAT'S IKEA IN THE BACKGROUND!
We purchased the IKEA Skurar white metal plant pot (size small) for around $2.00!  

We wanted to try out the gold Rub N' Buff on it!  I have been reading about this product all over Pinterest and lots of blogs we follow use it!  I purchased my Rub N' Buff at Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon.

This is actually the silver version (I also purchased).  We opted to use gold.

This was the perfect craft for the girls to help with!
Literally, you apply it to your finger and rub it on!  That simple! 

Once I got it home, I knew I wanted to do something special with the gold pot.  I hit up my craft stash and came up with a super cute LOVE BUCKET!

I used two paper straws, crafters twine, silver letters, and scotch tape to whip this up!  (The twine and letters were from the dollar section of Target!)

It looks GREAT on my mantel!
Literally, this project cost me around $6.00 (and I still have LOTS OF RUB N' BUFF).  I am truly LOVIN' that product.  You cannot go wrong!

And, Ethne is right...she always loved Gold!  She was always in style!

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