March 3, 2014


Posted by Lori~

It's March (and that mean it is almost St. Patrick's Day).  I am roughly 1/4 Irish...and I like to celebrate.

This year, Steve, Crafty G-Ma (AKA my mom), and I will be in NYC for St. Patrick's Day weekend, and I CANNOT WAIT! Steve has a conference and Mom and I will explore.

I promise to post about all my adventures (trip planning) and a trip recap (after we are exhausted from our adventure).

Prior to leaving, I want to be sure the house looks festive and GREEN!  Mur-man is probably like 1/45th Irish, so he needs to celebrate too.

I knew I wanted to whip-up some St. Patrick's Day decor, but I wanted to spend NOTHING!

I crashed my craft stash and found some light colored foam Christmas cutouts (purchased at 90% off after Christmas).

I searched on Google Images for a four leaf clover design and printed it.  I then traced the design onto the foam and cut-out.

I decided to go with a variety of green clovers (including glittery clovers too). 

Using straight pins, I poked them into a green foam wreath (also in my craft stash).

Next, I attached ribbon to the wreath.  I also taped on the LUCKY letters (found in the $ section of Target).

Cute...right?  Total cost...nothing!

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