February 11, 2014


Posted by Lori~

As you know, I work at a university (used to be a college) in my Little City, ND town.  Recently they had a Pinterest craft night and this "old" lady decided to crash!  It was awesome...and I was able to whip-up some great Valentine's Day decor.

First up, I have been eyeing the gold spray painted jars...I have seen them as bookends.  Why not make my own?

It was super simple.  Basically spray the inside with the spray paint of your choice, roll it around, and let it dry!

I am fairly certain this is an old ranch jar from Target!  MY FAVE!

Next up, was nail art.  I knew right away I wanted to make LOVE for my mantle.  It was a fairly simple project.

First, I traced my design. (Prior to this step, using Modge Podge I applied craft paper to my wood base.)

Then I started pounding in nails, trying to keep even spacing, but ensuring the letters would make sense.

Next up, I wrapped the nails with red crafting floss.  I prefer thicker letters.

I continued to wrap the floss until the letters were thick and easy to read (knotting at both ends)

For now, I placed a few paper straws in my gold vase.  I am in LOVE with my LOVE SIGN! IT POPS!

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