February 4, 2014

Heart Banner out of Burlap & *Glitter*!

Posted by Ethne~

When Lori was here, we decided to do this darling craft, inspired by the picture below.  Lori already had the burlap, and I came up with the string and Elmer's glue, so we just needed to purchase red glitter.

Our inspiration here.  She had a printout for the banner size.  We used that, but otherwise made everything else up ourselves.
We printed the heart from a generic one found on the internet - we could've drawn one easily, but we were looking for a symmetrical heart for this guy.

Lori cut burlap...

...I glued and glittered (Notes: after this pic was taken, we switched over to Elmer's white glue - it was way easier to work with than the craft glue.  Also, the tutorial says she first made hearts with red and/or white paint - it wasn't really clear - then glittered over them.  We thought that we could easily cut that step and yep.)  

Glue heart, pre-glitter, measured about 1 inch above the apex of the banner to point of the heart.

Lots of glitter - but we reused the excess over and over on each banner, so none was wasted.

You can see the string here.  I crocheted just a simple chain of red yarn.  We thought that would give it strength and substance, and pull out the red in the glitter.  Here, I'm applying hot glue the length of the burlap banner - I used the template for reference before sticking the fabric onto the string.

Folded over and pressed.  We just dabbed the hot glue wherever it appeared necessary to adhere.

On Lori's mantel. 

She accidentally grabbed my banner too, when she packed up, so she decorated Mur-Man's room.  It's on LOAN this year.

This was a super easy craft.  There was a little drying time involved and it had a few steps, but it didn't require too much thinking (NICE) - it was cheap - and it's so sparkly!

Have you made plans for the 14th yet?  What's your decor?

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