June 4, 2013


Posted by Lori~

I had planned to post about curbside clean-up tonight and my awesome finds (on the side of the road).  You can read about my curbside finds here, here, and here.  Unfortunately, Shelley and I found NOTHING.  And, Steve was happy!

Instead, I thought I would show you a quick run-down of my front yard flowers, which are doing very good.  I think the rain is keeping them healthy.

I actually do very little planting and most of my flowers come back each and every year.  However, I fill my window boxes, pots, and rain barrel flower pots with plants.  This year I went with mostly wave petunias and spikes throughout (there are a few others thrown in there as well).

I actually took a tip from Young House Love and used hanging plants for my window boxes, because it created a more mature window box.  It basically skipped a lot of waiting and was worth the minimal added cost.



Melisa said...

Looks nice, Lori!

WOM-MOMS said...

thank you melisa!!!!!