June 22, 2012


Posted by Lori~

Remember last year, I posted about my toddler swing that I found during the annual curb-side pick-up week in our little city, ND town!

Mur-Man is lovin’ the swing.  And it was FREE!!

This year, it happened again!  I (along with my girlfriend Shelley) found lots of GREAT items.  And we had lots of adventures.

For this post..I will highlight the flower-pot.  That’s right, along the side of the road in very bad condition and considered someone’s trash. 

We knew…a can of spray paint would do the job. 

First, I lightly sanded it!
 Several thin coats of shiny black spray paint and it looked like new.

Coat one down...and several more to come!
More adventures of curb-side pick-up to come!

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