June 6, 2013

A Getting-Ready Chart for the Twins

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Hello Blog Friends!

If you’ve been with us for a while you know I’m semi crafty and sometimes use Mod Podge (though not like the fancypants liars crafters on Pinterest).  You also may recall my comment recently that Shaun and I are trying to encourage KD and Easy Mac to behave a little better.  We’ve been ganged up on by twins, it seems.

So to help with the morning routine, we’ve put together a chart for them to check off their progress as they complete getting-ready tasks which, if they do not complete, will go un-done for the day (including not wearing shoes) when Shaun needs to leave for work and take them to pre-school.

Thus far, it’s been helpful. 

I thought a magnetized one would be nice so we’re not wasting paper, and was inspired to make one similar to the one we saw at the Eco-Chic flea market in Fargo last weekend, here:

I would've done monster paper if I had found some.

So I found a Dollar Store electric stove-top cover (couldn’t find square), some pictures out of magazines and the weekly coupons, a few beer bottle tops and a 6-pack of scrapbook paper from Target for $.99.

I cut the papers to size, tearing some of the pieces since Mod Podge adheres well to torn edges.

I did the Mod Podge in several layers, and let dry.  First, the layer of the base paper, let dry, then the layer of the embellishments and a top coat, let dry.

Mod Podge on the weird kitchen man
Easy Mac has the left side (she's left-handed) and KD has the right (she's right-handed).  It's just starting to dry here.  Mod Podge dries clear.

Shaun used an awl (or some implement) to put holes in the top of the pan to insert my chain link so it would hang on the wall.  I had kept those little pieces around in my stash for just such an unknown occasion.

The chart is hung on the wall of the hallway outside the girls’ bedroom area, right at their level, on a 3M hook.  I’m using fridge magnets right now because I need to get more regular magnets for the bottle caps I made for them to use (also inspired by Eco-Chic).

The list and pictures I found are: 1) going to the bathroom/wiping with a wet-wipe (toilet paper and wet wipes), 2) getting dressed (shirt and shorts), 3) getting hair done (that's a lady with their color hair), 4) get shoes on (sock and shoe), 5) brushing teeth (Spongebob toothbrush and toothpaste)

Good behavior, one item of clothing at a time, my Friends.

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