June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Posted by Ethne~

Lori and I want to wish a great, big Happy Father’s Day to Steve and Shaun and our dads.  We have great husbands and fathers!

Dad, KD and Easy Mac after a day at the Omaha Zoo

To all the guys out there, if you can make your partner smile and your children laugh, you’re pretty awesome!


Incidentally, the following conversation occurred between Shaun and me this morning when he woke me up (since obviously I get to sleep in on father’s day weekend):

Shaun: Get up, hon, I have to take a shower.

Me: What time is it?

Shaun: Eight.

Me: Awesome.  What are the kids doing?

Shaun: Watching Spiderman.

Me: We should have a Spiderman birthday party for the girls.

Shaun: What’s with you wanting to take my Vikings birthday party from me?  I had to put up with all your princess and vampire parties.

Me: Well, you’re not all into the planning already, asking me to make banners and stuff.

Shaun: It’s not till October.  We’ll put up a sign, wish them happy birthday and watch football.

Me: No, that’s no good at all.

Shaun: Get up before the kids trash the place.

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