June 17, 2013


Posted by Lori~

It’s gorgeous out! It’s already mid (to late) June!  I need to get some outdoor projects complete.

Last night, Steve and I put together a repair/improvement list for our home exterior.   Better yet, I believe I have Steve convinced to start working on the list this weekend.

Time for a new door-bell.  It works, but it is cracked and doesn't exactly say "welcome"!

We need to build-up the flower bed.  One more layer of bricks need to be added and cemented together.
LOVE my bleeding hearts!
This table needs touch-up paint and new cushions!  I CANNOT WAIT!
We knew the fire-pit wouldn't last but it was FREE.  Now it's time to make something more permanent.
This is the final tree area that needs rocks and edging!  It's go time!
We LOVE our red door, but it's time for a screen door. 
This area needs some color...I am thinking Hosta Plants.
There you have it….I suppose if I put it in writing, it will equal even more motivation.  Let me know what you think!

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