August 21, 2014

I'm Throwing a Kid Birthday Party!

Posted by Ethne~

Hey guys!

So what is your take on kid birthday parties?  I'm hosting my first one this year for the girls.  For a few various reasons they've had kids at their parties before, but never a kid-exclusive party.

I solicited my sister, Whit, and sister-in-law, Heather, to help me out with hosting it.  And I was originally thinking I'd do a party at my house, with a Frozen theme.  The girls loved the theme idea.  But then I got to talking with a few different people and did some Google searching for party destinations in our big city, MN, area, and found lots of good ideas.  Which you pay for, of course.

The two top contenders were Cheap Skate (old school roller rink - pretty reasonable prices) and Zero Gravity Trampoline Park (slightly more expensive, but still not unreasonable) up here in our north suburban area.  The trampoline park won out because I could invite my 4-year-old nephew (age limit is 3 - some places could only do ages 5+ or 7+), the price included pizza, beverages, cupcakes and t-shirts for the guests of honor, and I know my girls will have no problems jumping.  

So I'll let them expend their unbelievable energy for an hour, have snacks and gifts in our private room (which I figure I can decorate with a few Frozen things - Party City has me covered there), and then leave the clean-up for someone else!

For this year, that's the plan...we'll see how it goes over!

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