August 12, 2014

The cat's ticked, which means we got our dog.

Posted by Ethne~

Hey guys!

Well, we've done it.  We got a puppy.  Buddy Denham.  He's kinda like having another baby, except not quite as much work.  Also, he's not twins.  Basically, that means he's a vacation by comparison.

He's a Papillon with a little bit of long-hair Chihuahua mixed in.  I expect he'll look like a Papillon, with the coloring of a Chihuahua and we're not quite sure how his hair is going to grow.  His mom looked like a Yorkie with her part Chihuahua mix.

He's really cute, see?

8 weeks old - our first day together.
9 weeks - and frisky!
My leaf!
Curly-q tail!
Theodore didn't realize I had Buddy until this lick happened.  Then he got mad and hissed.  He'll hang out in the same room as Buddy now, but we haven't gotten to being friends.  Maybe next week.


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