August 25, 2014


Posted by Lori~

Two weekends ago, Ethne and I were together and we were busy preparing for the MOST ADORABLE baby shower ever.  The Pokey Puppy themed shower.  I promise to show photos of the entire spread, but I have one more tutorial for you.

We wanted the food to match the theme.  April whipped up this sign (straight out of the book)....

Dirt cups are perfect (complete with mini fences of course).

Making dirt cups is SUPER EASY!  The supplies needed are:  chocolate pudding, cold milk, Oreo cookies, whipped cream, and worms. 

Combine the pudding with the milk and let is set (around 5 minutes if you use the instant pudding).  Follow the portion size recommended for the milk. 

Stir in one container of whipped cream and roughly 1 cup of crushed Oreo cookies.  You will use roughly 15 cookies/batch of dirt cups.

Of course, this would not be complete without mini fences.  At first I thought I would make my own, but when I found them at Joanne's fabric (plus a 40% off coupon), it was easier to purchase them.  Ethne did the cutting.  We ended up doing four slats/cup. 

All that's left is to fill the cups with the pudding, add the remaining crushed Oreo cookies to the tops and insert your fence and worms. 

They turned out A-DOR-ABLE!


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