August 19, 2014

Hairstyling Tip: the Wet Brush

Posted by Ethne~

Hey guys!  I have a quick hairstyling tip for you today.  

Whit (my sister) and I were out shopping the other day (at Target) and found a hairbrush called Wet Brush.  She said she'd heard about them and thought we ought to have them.  They advertise being able to brush through your hair, wet or dry, with many fewer painful snarls, and less breakage, I assume.  

I do a whole lot of hairstyles each day (at least 3), and the girls will whine to beat the band with each snarl.  I was totally on board with trying this new thing.

Well it works!  Brushes through wet hair like butter (I don't know how it works, as it looks just like any other brush - they said fancy pants bristles), and even in the girls' dry hair it seems to hurt them a lot less and take much less time to brush the snags out in the morning.

So that's today's tip.  Get one.  At less than $10 at Target, you can't go wrong.


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