August 3, 2014


Posted by Lori~

We are back in the states from our four week French adventure.  Today I asked Mur-Man what he liked the VERY BEST about France?  With no hesitation he said, "the beaches"!  And then asked me, "mommy, are there beaches here (in ND)?".  Unfortunately, no Mur-Man there are not (except for lake beaches).  

First, I need to apologize for being behind on the posts from France.  I was having too much fun to start WOMMING!  But, I am back and I am ready to get back to this blog.

Mur-Man wasn't the only one that loved the beaches, I loved them too. The French Riviera is completely amazing. 

We spent most of our time in Nice.  Nice, France was our home-base for our four weeks. The Nice water is pure blue.  It is amazing.  Unfortunately, the worst part about the beach is there is no sand, but instead rocks.  I guess that's what makes the water pure blue.

Rocks make for no sand castles and much harder swimming and walking conditions.  I finally had to suck-it-up and purchase 8.00 Euro ugly water shoes.  They made the Nice beach experience much better. 

Next up, there are the beaches of Cannes (you know that city where they hold the Cannes Film Festival).  This is roughly a 30 minute train ride from Nice.  This was by-far my FAVORITE beach.

We discovered a private beach for 4.00 Euro/person.  We thought this was the way to go and super affordable because you get a lot for your money including: a chair, umbrella, easy access to the beach, and a bathroom/changing area.  Other private beaches run more like 25.00 Euro/person.

The final beach we visited was the beach at Antibes (a 20 minute train ride from Nice, and just before Cannes).  The main beach is a public beach, which is located between two breakers.  The water is very still, but the public beach is very busy.

See that speck on the breaker? That's Mur-Man and Steve.  The swam the sea together!

The French Riviera is amazing and I personally think the beaches are better than the Caribbean or Mexico.  It's amazing!  Keep in mind, French clothing rules at the beach are much different than our laws.  Women can go topless if they choose.  To be honest, I did not see very many topless ladies and those that I did see where older.  Maybe this is a trend that is on its' way out.


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