January 6, 2014


Posted by Lori~

Steve and I are just about ready to reveal our updated basement floors (and walls).  We have been laying tile, painting, adding trim, and so much more!  I LOVE THE BASEMENT.  I first posted about the installation of the tiles here.  

Next up, Steve and I were on grout duty.  WHAT A JOB!  But overall, it did go pretty fast.  We finished up the bedroom grout prior to our Christmas vacation and we finished up the main room when we returned.  

Overall, I AM LOVING IT!

Enjoy the photo play-by-play!

Tiles installed and ready for grout.

We mixed the grout with a tile sealant and water.  Steve purchased a mixing attachment for his drill.
Steve's job was grouting.

This is what it looked like prior to sponging off the excess grout.
My job was to wipe off the access grout using roughly 10 sponges.  I did not use a bucket of water, but instead found it easier to wash the sponges in the sink as we worked.

This is where we were at before Steve cleaned the floors multiple times using a vinegar/water mixture.
Mur-man helped too!

I hope to reveal the basement finished very soon!

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