January 5, 2014

Scott & Erin got hitched!

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Hey everyone!  Keeping warm?  It's predicted to be about -50 degrees F here.  The governor called off school for the kids.  Super.

Fortunately, it hadn't gotten QUITE that cold for Shaun's brother's wedding on Saturday.  Cold, but not sub-zero.

xo Erin & Scott xo

It was a wonderful affair.  Shaun's brother, Scott, married Erin - we are thrilled to have her and her daughter, Ava, join our family!  Ava happens to be the exact same age as the girls, so the three of them are pleased as punch.

The Three Musketeers

Scott & Erin are very stylish, so I knew it would be a fabulous event, and I wasn't disappointed.  Erin wore her mother's dress for the ceremony (amazing!) and then a smashing party dress for later.  Ava wore a really pretty ivory dress that made me think of a Grecian princess; I also thought the emerald green bridesmaid dresses had a Grecian feel to them.

Erin's mom and two sisters - look at those gorgeous blondes!
Heather (Scott & Shaun's sister) was also a Grecian princess; she was thrilled in the green color choice - her favorite. :-)

Shaun was best man, so looked very dapper in his navy blue suit.  I put the girls in navy party dresses and I wore a forest green dress - so we would all coordinate for family pictures.

A nice setting for cool pics - gutted warehouse with loads of crystal chandeliers!

Shaun and his mom

Having heard of the new blow-dry bar trend, I went to Blast Drybar in Minneapolis and had my hair blown out the morning of the wedding.  I'm glad I did.  I also wore fake eyelashes.  If you do nothing else, wear fake eyelashes to a wedding, my friends.

Sweet KD (and see my soft curls and the perfect lashes?)

Here are a few more pictures!! xo

Dancin' Fools!
The head table (several candles had gone out, but all lit, it was even more romantic!) (Steph, do you recognize my purse?)
My favorite wedding trend - the photo booth.  The girls had a BLAST with it.

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