January 7, 2014

I am HAC-ing all over my face - a good blogger told me to.

Posted by Ethne~

Hey {beautiful} dudes.

So I found another beauty blog I'm totally loving.  Maskcara.  As in, Ask Caraabout mascara and other stuff.  So clever.  (I actually found it a while back, but I really started reading it in depth, and not just for reference, recently.) 

This lady is a beauty, a self-taught make-up artist, and does loads of videos and make-overs with DIY how-to's - using both fancy ($$$) and drugstore ($) makeup.  She has also managed to finagle her way behind the scenes at the Victoria's Secret runway shows to scout their tips.  (She also has a pretty cool story, which just makes me like her more - and is from UT, which is where I was born - that doesn't hurt either!  But I'm a true ND gal, make no mistake about that.)

So far, I've learned how to highlight and contour (to put your best face forward - think Kim Kardashian) and do looks for all eye colors and face shapes.  She gives hair tips too.  I'm telling you, this blog is a gem. 

Her Monday make-overs are pretty much artwork.  Like this one on her sister-in-law who just had a baby.  I couldn't believe my eyes.

I put the daily link to her blog on the left column of ours so you don't have to search too hard.  You're welcome.

I'm going to try a little highlighting and contouring on myself (HAC-ing) and report back.  According to Cara, this is the most important thing a person can do in make-up, ever.  If you look at this link to her post about make-up for pictures, she puts her driver's licenses side-by-side, from b4 she started HAC-ing till after.  I'd say she's right.  And having watched a lot of her videos now, I've witnessed the subtle, but huge, transformation it makes.

I tried a little HAC on my face for Scott & Erin's wedding.  I don't think I have exactly the right highlighter I need (I ordered one she recommends off Amazon for less than $5 and somehow got free shipping - a mystery, honestly since I don't have Prime), but I do think it added a nice touch to my nose area in particular - HAC on your nose is supposed to narrow/straighten it out.

See how there's shading down the sides of my nose then brightness down the very center? - that's on purpose.

Take a look at some of Maskcara's stuff and let's check back with each other, shall we?

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