January 13, 2014

I should've just stayed in college indefinitely.

Posted by Ethne~

Background: Wikipedia and I are good friends.  I research totally random subjects and then report my discoveries to my family.  They LOVE it.  Most recent case-in-point led to the following convo with Shaun.

Shaun: What are you reading?

Me: Wikipedia, about airplane disasters.

Shaun: You're researching about airplanes crashing?

Me: Yes, in particular, I find it interesting when pilot error leads to the crashing of perfectly functioning aircraft.

Shaun:  You research the most random things.  First it was Mormons, then it was WWII, now it's airplane crashes.

Me: I know.  The other day I told my sister all about the various head coverings that Jewish women wear over their natural hair.  It was interesting.  She enjoyed it.


Me: I told my dad about my airplane crash research and asked him if he remembered a crash in 1983 where the Soviets shot down a South Korean airliner.  He said he did and that I should make myself useful and research the cattle drives up and down the central Great Plains, which is a subject in his latest book.

Shaun: Ha.  He's probably right.

NOTE - Whit and I decided that in college, we should've studied the history of make-up, as in ancient history to present.  That would've been totally rad.  We did not take advantage of our liberal arts opportunities at all!  (To be fair, I did ace my research paper about deodorant.  I got to pick the topic.  True story.  FYI, I don't wear deodorant that contains aluminum, it's bad news.)  I bet Wikipedia knows about make-up.  Bless its heart.

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