January 2, 2014


Posted by Lori~

Before we left for our holiday Cruise, we wanted to be sure that we were prepared and ready to celebrate with Mur-Man.  Santa does come to cruise ships too....

We packed in our suitcase several things to make it feel like home including:  Our remaining advent books, our elf Stan, our old-school chocolate advent calendar, and our Christmas gift from Santa (i-pad mini).

Before we left, my girlfriend and WOM-MOM follower Holly, had whipped up some really cute magic reindeer food to sprinkle on the lawn (or better yet, over the ship edge into the water).

And that's exactly what we did....we wanted to be sure that Santa knew we were in the ocean (and could find us).

I think the reindeer food is an adorable idea.  

Royale Caribbean also did an amazing job celebrating the season...

They showed Christmas themed movies on the outdoor movie screen like "Polar Express".  Check-out the people in the hot tub with their cocktails! 

Santa made an appearance on the ship.  The staff had a listing of all the kids and their ages with a special gift for each of them...isn't that amazing!  I guess there were over 1,000 kids on this trip!

They held several church services and had hot cocoa and ice skating for families.

And, the dining room was amazing!  The meals were delicious and the staff sang Christmas songs to us.  It was truly magical.

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