January 21, 2014


Posted by Lori~

Mur-Man still has a little waist...but his legs are long (Ethne's girls have the same problem).  I still do occasionally throw in a home-made adjustable waist; however that takes up time. (Keep in mind, I ONLY PURCHASE PANTS WITH BUILT IN ADJUSTABLE WAISTS, but most of Mur-Man's pants are from his cousin).

Recently, I discovered literally the coolest thing.  (I wish Ethne and I would have invented this...we could be on Shark Tank!).  It is called the Dapper Snapper.  I haven't seen them in other locations; however I purchased my Dapper Snapper at Once Upon a Child for $9.99. (I just did a quick Google search and they are everywhere, but my price-tag seems to be the lowest!).

I first discovered the Dapper Snapper when my girlfriend and WOM-MOM follower Janelle's daughter was wearing one.  IT WAS AMAZING AND I HAD TO PURCHASE ONE IMMEDIATELY!

You simply attach the Dapper Snapper to the back of your child's pants (they must have belt loops).  It's that easy.  And, it comes in a variety of cool patterns.  I chose the skull and cross-bone pattern!  They are also adjustable.

Steve thinks he is dapper....not!
Now if only Ethne and I were the inventors.  And no, we are not getting paid for this post!  We just love this product.

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