December 3, 2013


Posted by Lori~

Steve and I are in the middle of a major basement renovation.  We are installing porcelain tile that looks like hard-wood throughout the family room and guest bedroom.  We shopped around, looked online, and ultimately found the best price for the product that we liked at Home Depot.  ONLY $2.39/square foot (with no shipping).

After we purchased the tile, this arrived in the mail...

A simple call to Home Depot and they would "honor" the 10% off coupon without returning everything!  Even better.

We are in the midst of laying the tile, and it is looking really good so far.

We ended up hiring someone to help-out with the process, plus he came with the wet-saw and is an expert at tile.

The tile is almost laid in one room and one more room to go.  Steve and I will be on grouting duty next!

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Roxanne said...

Very cool Lori! Josh is going to install a similar tile in our basement at some point. Yours is lookiing great.