December 15, 2013

BRIGHT WHITE--FRESH PAINT (and room remodeling update)!

Posted by Lori~

Steve and I are in the middle of a mini-basement makeover.  Remember, here we started laying tile in our basement.  We ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT and will be grouting starting tomorrow night.  Wish us luck--we have over 500 square feet of tile to grout (Steve and I).

Before we put down the tile, I decided to re-paint the guest room.  It was this horrible purple color and it needed a major up-date.
I pulled all the baseboards off the wall (and we have since decided to replace with thicker boards).
I picked-up my Hardee's un-sweet iced tea, and slapped on my plastic gloves (great for painting)!
I decided to go with Glidden semi-gloss white paint.

The following are the painting progression photos...
I started by cutting the edge.  Because the ceiling was white (taping was not necessary) and honestly, I NEVER TAPE.  I just take my time.

Coat One done!  ONE MORE TO GO!

Two coats on.  We are replacing the windows.  Also, the trim still needs paint.

And, here is where we are at with the tile.  WISH US LUCK ON GROUT!

More updates coming this week (hopefully)!

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