December 13, 2013


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This should be the final post for Mur-Man's MICKEY MOUSE themed party (oh...except for the thank you cards), and I have one final tutorial.  

Here is my inspiration:

Inspiration here.
Honestly, you would think they would be easy; however to get a Popsicle stick into an Oreo cookie proved to be VERY DIFFICULT.  My first mistake was not buying double-stuffed Oreo cookies.  According to my girlfriend Karla, that makes the stick slide in MUCH EASIER.

Luckily, my patient husband seemed to master this step and took over.  We ended up making about 24 cookie pops and only went through one package of cookies (the broken ones worked great for snacking).

Steve discovered that it worked great to add a little melted chocolate to the inside of the cookie to make it stick!

Once on the stick, we needed to add the ears.  Initially, I had thought I would use mini Oreos, but actually the candy melt (black) worked GREAT for the ears.  I simply dipped the end in chocolate and inserted them to harden.

I also used red candy melt to make Mickey's shirt.  It worked great to use a Popsicle stick to paint it on.

For buttons I used pearl cake decorations (already in my stash)...I applied them when the red frosting was still sticky.

To see the "after photo" of this project, you will have to watch Mur-Man's birthday video here.  THEY TURNED OUT ADORABLE!

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