December 26, 2013

Per Steph, TOYS R US exploded in our living room.

Posted by Ethne~

KD and Easy Mac got some pretty cool gifts this Christmas.  Two of those I'll probably have some seriously good fun with are their Our Generation dolls (Target's version of American Girl).

It's been my observation that you get a lot of doll for the money, and considering that my kiddos are still pretty tough on their baby dolls and Barbies at this point, I wasn't keen on American Girl money being spent only to have their faces being scribbled on.

I'm loving all the little accessories.  I'd have loved this stuff as a kid.  I remember when AG came out, but I was just past doll stage, so it was really a no-go for me anymore.  I was into clothes by then.

When I figure out loading the good camera pictures onto my new computer, I'll do some pictures worthy of these things (as well as the Furby Booms, bikes, cheerleader Barbies [I died] and DreamHouse Barbie with real eyelashes - and other goodies) but here are a few shots KD took tonight:

The dolls are named Sadie and have the features matching KD and Easy Mac.  I've been the hairstylist and Sadie on the left now has double French braids.  They may also have new names, but not sure.
Sadie 1 has the same knobbly knees as KD.  Priceless.
Red glitter shoes matching KD's for Christmas.  Adorable!  I was pretty impressed KD took this close-up.

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