December 18, 2013

It's probably best if you don't know me.

Posted by Ethne~

My latest obsession is Man of Steel.  That’s right, Superman.
That's right Bi#ches.  He's glorious.
This inspired the following text exchange with bff, Kari, who is the very same friend who introduced me to 50 Shades of Grey.  It is for that reason that she gets these texts.  She also may or may not be randomly shown binding marks on my wrists due to said introduction.  I’ll let you use your imagination to determine if that last sentence is true or just me being funny.

Me: OMG, I am in love w[ith] Henry Cavill from Superman.  Totally shoulda been CG.*  Too goody goody now as Superman to play a dom I suppose, as I’ve said b4.  Still.  Dreamy.  I decided if I ever met him I would ask to feel his Superman muscles.  Not the naughty ones.  That’s reserved for Jamie Dornan now.

Her: We can always dream…

Me: Totally!  In my Henry Cavill daydream I momentarily told him that people often asked to touch my belly when I was pregnant with the twins but then thought that would make him throw up and I wouldn’t get to touch his superman muscles.  I am very thorough.

The lesson here, people, is you need to be careful which books you suggest to me or you may be subject to inappropriate and/or pointless commentary for the rest of your life.

*Dudes, the first pic in the link about him being CG makes my point.  Don't taunt us with the gray suit, Henry.

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