October 11, 2012


Posted by Lori o/b/o Ethne~


Ethne’s internet is down, so she sent a few things my way to post for her since technically it was her day to do a post.  But no worries, we are super flexible with our posting schedule, being best friends and all.  We’ve got each other’s backs.


She’d like to note that we’ve had some issues with a couple of our posts showing up consistently, particularly the “Fried Green Tomatoes” post and “50 Shades of Wet Dreams” post, both from September.  This is particularly annoying because those were really good posts.  We are not sure why and it’s hard to find out from our blog server what’s wrong.  It could be because of the length, the size of the pictures, the amount of the pictures, etc.  We’ve noticed that Internet Explorer is inconsistent with those posts showing up, but Mozilla Firefox is almost always good with them working.  Ethne can always see the posts on her Kindle FireHD, so perhaps you can view posts on your tablets that you can’t on computers.  And if you’re a Follower of Wom-Mom, all posts are sent to your email and you can view them there without problems (as far as we’re aware) so that’s your best bet for making sure you can always see the awesome trouble we’re getting into next.


Finally, Ethne thought you’d enjoy the following conversation that took place this week between her and Shaun regarding their cat, Theodore.  Theodore came into the marriage with Ethne, as a package deal.  You might call him a ‘marital cat’.  Ethne thinks Shaun loves Theodore deep down.  Shaun disagrees with this sentiment.



Shaun: You need to stop sleeping in the middle of the bed when Fuzzy Effer* sleeps on your side because then I have no place to sleep.


Ethne: I thought he slept on my head?**


Shaun: He does, but only sometimes.  The other times he sleeps on your side and then you sleep in the middle of the bed and I only have a sliver of bed to sleep on.


Ethne: He just wants to be one of us.


Shaun: Eff* that.


Ethne: Theodore, you have to sleep on my feet or my head, ok?


Shaun: He can’t understand you, he’s a effing* cat.


Ethne: Yes he can, he’s one of us, remember?


Shaun: Maybe he shouldn’t sleep with us at all.


Ethne: No.


Shaun: Gr^&$%$&^$%^#$^%$.


*Actual swear words used.

**Theodore really does sleep on her head.  Or on her chest staring down at her.



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