March 13, 2012


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Thank you to two of our favorite blogs (young house love and bower power) for motivating us to quit admiring Pinterest and instead do SOMETHING!

I live in a story and a ½ house with a wooden staircase that goes up to the top level (also my bedroom). When we purchased the house, there were rubber treads that were wore out. And so, I pulled them off and it left them looking not finished and wore out. I needed to make a decision…stain or paint. DECISION DONE…I WENT WITH PAINTING. So I primed them (with the intention that I would paint them). This of course, was a long time ago.

In the middle of the bright white paint job!  
Recently, on Pinterest I saw the GREAT idea to stencil numbers on them and I loved it. It added something to the steps…plus my son is 2 and learning his numbers! PERFECTION. Check out this photo with links.

My inspiration--click here for details

This photo was Young House Love of a house crash today!
I couldn't believe it!
And so, I went to town. Step one: create my stencils. I simply went on the computer and printed off numbers (the size and style I wanted). I traced them onto stenciling plastic (purchased at Wal-Mart for under $4.00) and cut.

I also purchased black satin paint for under $5.00. Total cost for this project—under $10.00 (I had the white paint to complete the job).

I taped them on with painters tape and held them down tight while I dabbed the paint on with a s sponge brush. The key is to not use too much paint…you can always add more!

And a little secret—I used a sharpie black marker to clean up the edges…SERIOUSLY YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW (but I guess now you know).

I know the Pinterest inspiration had the stenciled numbers on the front of the steps.
We decided to go with the top of the steps.  It is easier for Mur-Man to see and I like it!
And already, Mur-Man is loving the steps. I still haven’t decided if I am going to go back at the numbers and create the white space…for now, I love how they look (Steve says I am being lazy). Sleek, clean, and educational!

I know the diaper is BIG!  We are in the middle of potty-training
and I am trying to use up all the diapers in our house!

Thanks again for all your inspiration and motivation. Now, onto another Pinterest project!

The walls are painted a steel gray, the back wall is a wallpaper that I LOVE!
And the to steps begin the original hardwood in the room!

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Reagen said...

I love the placement of the numbers Lori! I haven't really seen that done and you're right it does make it easier for the little man to count them =)