March 16, 2012


Posted by Lori~

Recently my Mur-Man’s letters in his room (spelling his name) began to fall…we fixed the “y” and decided to do a tutorial for you.  You can read all about his super-hero room here.

"Y" for Young Avengers (on the side)
We were looking for a thrifty way to spell his name and of course hit-up IKEA!  MY FAVE!

We purchase black frames (one per letter) for an affordable price.  Then my husband (and his friend Stu) went to town determining a super-hero whose name started with the letter of Mur-Man’s name.  We had them printed on white card-stock full-color.

Cut and put in the frame.  Then we had letter printed on white card-stock.  We cut them out, but needed a simple solution to get them to stick.  Hairspray did the trick (we didn’t try anything else), but this works.

So there you go!  Simple, affordable, and of course adorable wall art!

Back on the wall and in-place (keep in mind...this is ONLY part of his name)

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