March 5, 2012


Posted by Lori~

I love Mr. and Mrs. pillows….His and Hers pillows. I think they make a great accent to a master bed.

Recently, I was invited to a bridal shower for my dear friend Sara and I needed to whip up a gift.

The "almost" bride!
I simply took Burlap (provided by my mom (AKA Crafty G-Ma)) and cut the fabric the size I wanted.

From there I went on the computer and picked out a font and size for my Mr. and Mrs.  I printed and cut it out like a stencil.

I then took a black sharpie marker and traced the stencil and filled it in.  It looks AWESOME!

Next up…I selected some decorator fabric from my stash, cut, and sewed three sides. 

I simply stuffed it, and finished the seam with a running stitch.  A-DORABLE!  And super thrifty.  Total cost of this project was under $3.50 (because I had most of the supplies).

You could do this with a last name initial or you could make art for the walls.  The possibilities are endless!

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