March 27, 2012


Posted by Lori~

A great big thanks to Ethne for covering the last few days!  But, I had to share photos on what we have been up to.  Mur-man went into the hospital last night and it looks like we might be here for a few more days!

He will be fine, but we have been struggling for two weeks with Mur-Man wanting to eat and when he does eat, keeping it down.

Not only that, but he has a cough that just keeps hanging on.

And so, we went to doctor trip #2 and it was decided that he would go into the hospital.  And, we were relieved.

And of course...there are a few tears!
So far, the diagnosis is pneumonia (not a very strong case), but we’re still not sure what is causing Mur-Man not to eat or keep the food down.  But, we are optimistic and Mur-Man is enjoying his stay so far!


Tara said...

Hey Lori, hope Murray is getting better!! We are just getting over a bout with pneumonia too! Maddy luckily didn't have to be hospitalized but it was a miserable week for the whole family. Hope you get things figured out and he's on the mend soon!! Scary when kids are sick.

Anonymous said...

Josh and I hope Murray feels better very soon!
Our best,

WOM-MOMS said...

thank you all for the well wishes! Mur-man is doing much better!

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