January 11, 2011


Posted by Lori

I am a total planner—that’s why I HAD TO KNOW the sex of my baby and let’s just say there was NO question Mur-Man was a boy!

Mission: Create a nursery design that is cute, classic, and of course affordable!

Steve is a lover of comic books and LOVES ALL THINGS SUPER HERO! And so the plan began!

I immediately asked my good friend Reagen, designing extraordinaire, for assistance and WOW—MUR-MAN’S ROOM TURNED OUT SUPER!

The walls were painted a pale blue/green. Honestly this was done pre-pregnancy/pre-baby and as a WOM I had no desire to repaint a freshly painted room, but guess what—it worked!

I work in higher education and have fabulous talented college students at my fingertips! Do you remember classic batman? Painted murals of BAM, KABOOM, and POW needed to go on the walls, and I knew just the student. She did a fabulous job! Even better—Steve was instrumental in determining the artwork! It’s great when a husband is involved in nursery planning!

The HULK is coming to get YOU!

You won’t even believe it—but the convertible crib was purchased at a thrift store! THAT’S RIGHT—MY FABULOUS CO-WORKER CATHY IS A ALSO A THRIFTY NANA AND SHE FOUND THE CRIB! Total cost: $120.00 with a brand new mattress!

Finally had to raise the mobile! MUR-MAN COULD REACH!

The changing table was purchased at Walmart for under $130.00. The dresser, floor circles, and shelving were purchased at IKEA! MY FAVORITE!


Last but not least—the MUR-MAN artwork and mobile is my FAVORITE! Frames were purchased at IKEA with color comic book pages and letters printed at a local friend’s print shop! (A shout-out to Caleb and Stu for your help!) The mobile was purchased on amazon and all we needed was to add Steve’ childhood super hero trading cards! HOW COOL!

Steve used hair spray to make the letters STICK!

And let’s not forget the curtains, bed skirt, and quilt—all made WITH LOVE by Crafty Grandma (Lori’s Mom). The colors pop! More on the curtain pattern in later posts.

Steve proudly displays his childhood TRANSFORMERS!

Curtains made by Crafty G-Ma (Lori's Mom)



Ethne said...

Love it!

Roxanne said...

Murray's room turned out ADORABLE! It's such a unique and cool room. :)

cribs for twins said...

love this, so pretty!

Unknown said...

As a geek by association (my hubbys), please allow me to say how AWESOME this is! What little boy wouldn't love it! Thanks for linking it up at the Bold Design link up!