March 9, 2014


Posted by Lori~

Recently, I was browsing an online Pottery Barn sale and came across the Esta Ikat Gilt Tray for $71.00 on sale.  It looked very similar to the wood tray that currently sits on my ottoman from IKEA.  This tray however cost around $15.00 (and I believe is no longer available at IKEA--BOO)!

That's when I thought:  I could use Modge Podge and fabric to make it Pottery Barn(ish)!  Better yet, I had the supplies needed already in my craft stash--my cost (FREE!).

And, that's exactly what I did...

First I traced the tray onto my selected decorator fabric.

The size was a little too big for the inside of the tray so I did end up pushing the fabric down, drawing a line, and trimming.  Honestly, It was an easy step.  I debating drawing a circle onto the fabric using a string however, I wanted to be 100% sure the fabric was large enough and my circle shape was not off.

Using a foam brush, I applied a generous amount of Modge Podge as I went.  I also made sure all bubbles were pushed out and that the fabric was very smooth. 

Once all the fabric was attached to the tray, I applied a generous additional coat of Modge Podge on top of the fabric ensuring the seams were secure.
I also decided to add some silver Rub n' Buff to the edge of the tray (using my finger).
I LOVE IT!  so much better!  Have you done any high/low hacks lately?


Faith said...

I love this one!!! It looks like something even klutzy me could pull off.

Allyson said...
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tulipsgrowfaster said...

IKEA hacks strike again! How fun! I really love your final product! So classy!