March 20, 2014


Posted by Lori~

Today, I was reading this post where I broke down the Mission Quantum Leap plan.  Guess what—I failed miserably!

The post was written February 27, 2011.  During this post, I committed to losing 60 pounds and to follow a strict plan.

Ethne and I even agreed if we hit our goals, we would go on a Mexican vacation.  What happened to that vacation?  It never happened—I personally did not hit the goal.

Two years later, I am still at it, but guess what.  I have news.  I am down 15 POUNDS!  That’s right!  

I have been working out with a trainer and using MyFitness Pal.  

So WOMS…here it goes again.  I am DOING THIS!  Steve and I are headed to France this summer and I want to go healthier (and thinner).

WISH ME LUCK!  Ethne (and Shaun), if I hit the goal—you are still stuck going on vacation with me!  Steve may not get to go with (ONLY if he hits his goal).  So far, he has failed too!

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Melisa said...

Thats awesome, Lori! Good luck!