February 27, 2011


Posted by Lori~
Look at this!

I'm in the middle--Ethne's to my right.  Circa 1995
Now…look at this!

60 pounds later...

I can’t believe it myself.  Yes…that’s me sometime 1996 and that’s me NOW!  My mission:  to turn back time (TO MAKE A QUANTUM LEAP BACK TO 1996)! My mission:  to get healthy, to get fit, and to somehow get my 1996 figure back!
My story is typical….in 1996 I was active.  As we have said many times…we were cheerleaders, we practiced, and we worked hard.  And yes, I had a FAB-U-LOUS metabolism, a metabolism that didn’t quit.  So…what happened?

Our football cheer team--prior to the metabolism giong kaput!
I went to college…I made too many Taco Bell runs…I ate everything I wanted whenever I wanted…I didn’t stay active…and I drank cocktails.  And so like many others began my journey to now.
The weight gradually went on….and it went on.  Then I had Mur-Man and it stayed on and now it is 2011 and I have gained around 60 pounds since 1996 (give or take a little)!  YUCK!  So…that’s why I am posting MISSION:  QUANTUM LEAP!  I WANT TO GET MOTIVATED!  I WANT TO SUCCEED!  I WANT TO INSPIRE MY FOLLOWERS AND I WANT MY FOLLOWERS TO MOTIVATE ME!
So here it goes…My plan is to lose gradually and to turn back this body to1996!
And guess what else…My Steve (aka Scott Bakula) is on board too!  He has a similar story and his body has had a similar journey.  We are in this together.  He has a goal of losing 60 pounds too!

Steve in his tennis photo (1995)!  He looks so young!

Steve's fraternity photo (1998)

And guess what else…my bestie Ethne is on board too!  Granted—I think she looks FAB-U-LOUS, but she feels like she could lose a little weight and get a little healthier.  She plans to lose 10 pounds and said "she needs to focus on portion control and adding exercise".  Ethne has plans to get back on the Wii Fit! She also plans to follow some South Beach diet principles for a health reference. 

Look how cute we are at GBB State, Fall 1995

Ethne's weight story is all about fluctuation.  In college she gained, then lost, 25 pounds.  In graduate school she lost down to high school weight then blew up to 40 pounds above high school weight.  She lost weight for her wedding then gained 43 pounds when pregnant with the girls.  Ethne then lost 63 pounds breastfeeding the girls and has stayed there ever since.  
Ethne now

  1. Drink more water
  2. Eat  5 servings of fruits and veggies per day (Strive to eat a colorful meal)
  3. Cut out fast food (with the exception of a few healthy options for example Subway and fresco style Taco Bell tacos).  Utilize the book, “Eat This, Not That”
  4. Get active and work out a minimum of three times per week for 60 minutes
  5. Consciously think about portion sizes when eating
  6. Eat breakfast daily
  7. Build into the week one “unhealthy” meal (aka splurge meal) to satisfy cravings
  8. Post our progress of MISSION:  QUANTUM LEAP so that our followers can follow, post, and get motivated too
  9. Every 10 pounds rewards ourselves with something (for example—Lori and Ethne will purchase a new piece of clothing and Steve will reward himself with a redeemable coupon to go to a concert of his choice (every 20 pounds))
  10. Have plenty of healthy snacks available so we don't sabotage ourselves
For extreme motivation, Ethne and I have established a Mission Success reward!  That’s right—if we hit our goals, Thanksgiving  2011 we will be somewhere warm (think BAHAMA MAMAS!) AND WE WILL BE ROCKIN’ BIKINIS!  Look out Daniel Craig (think Casino Royale ocean scene)…here comes Steve Bakula!

Steve Bakula HERE I COME!

Be on the lookout for QUANTUM LEAP UPDATES EVERY TWO WEEKS!  Ethne and I promise to be BRUTALLY HONEST!  We will tell you the good along with the bad. 


Kris said...

Awesome plan!! And I love the name. Allison and I are totally on board too.

Garnet Windrider said...

dI just came across this blog, LOVE IT! I am not a Mom, but I am crazy -crafy-sewing, scrapbooking, crochet. I too am out of my high school size by a good measure and have started a diet/exercise program that I hope will have me back to my HSW! I am ON board! Jules in Texas.

WOM-MOMS said...

Jules in Texas: don't forget to sign up and become a follower so you don't miss any of our projects!

Anonymous said...

Good evening!
Happy New Year!
Health, luck and love!