November 26, 2013


Posted by Lori~

Do you ever hit the end-caps of Target?  If not, you should!  That's where Target always features items that are marked town.  Unfortunately, in my little city ND town--we do not have a Target.  BOO!  So, when I am in big city ND, I always pull out the Red Card and go shopping.  Also, I always make a point to hit the end-caps.

Recently, I came across a thanksgiving kid-craft. Perfect for the thanksgiving table.   

Marked down to ONLY $2.50!
We are not hosting this year, but will bring them with us! 

Mur-man did great putting them together.


LOVE the up-side down eyes!  I let Mur-man decide where to place the eyes!
Are you gearing up for the holiday?  Ethne is hosting, and we are hitting the road. 

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