November 8, 2013

I'm almost certainly losing it, and other updates.

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A few things – keeping in mind that I have a cold so I’m insane mostly:

1.  KD is doing really well!  We started using some essential oils – Vetiver is one recommended for kids with ADHD – and it seems to work.  Applied to the big toe morning and evening.  I do it for Easy Mac too (that kid can sass with the best of them).  The pediatrician says it can’t hurt!  Both of their teachers report marked improvement.  I’m also going to get Young Living’s Peace & Calming blend, but that hasn’t arrived yet.

2.  I got my hair(s) cut.  It was too long and stringy and, let’s face it – growing it out to try Pinterest styles is pointless if I don’t actually try any Pinterest styles.  This is one of those inverted deals coming down to a point in the front.  There are quite a few layers for when I curl it, a la Kate from the Small Things Blog, but this is what it looks like on a given day when I blow it dry with a round brush.  When I curl it, it looks pretty much like hers.
I'm sick, so I look bad, but the hair's accurate.

3.  I shopped after Halloween sales and got this T-Rex costume for Theodore for $3.  He LOVES it.  I call him Sweet Baby T-Rex, so it was almost like I couldn’t afford NOT to buy the costume.  Like it would be a crime (see #5 below).  Shaun agreed COMPLETELY.  So did Theodore.
Complete joy.

4.  I’ve started working on my Christmas gift list.  I hate that several family members read this blog (not really) because I can’t tell you about it.  What I can say is that the girls got free 8”x11” photo books from Snapfish with their school pictures, so I’m making one for each of them for a Christmas gift from Shaun and me.  Since they are learning to read and we read lots of books each night, I’ve turned the books, with pictures of them, into storybooks.  The first one is SUPER CUTE.  When it arrives, I’ll show you.

5.  I’ve mentioned before that I can never commit crime because I talk in my sleep and would confess.  I asked my co-worker and he figures it wouldn’t hold up in court, but I still don’t feel safe.  I realized today that it also means I could never cheat on Shaun.  YOU’RE WELCOME.  Per Shaun, I did ask my assistant to confirm an appointment one night this week, though.  Lame.  I should be dreaming about cool stuff, like exotic vacations.

6.  I am super excited for Shaun’s brother’s upcoming wedding.  I’ve gotten all of the girls’ and my dresses and such.  Shaun’s in the wedding and, let me tell you, watching him do the suit acquisition has been a riot.  I normally buy his clothes, but I have left him to his own devices (with the protection of his mom and sister to assist).  Men!  I totally do not get credit for keeping our household properly attired.

Have a nice weekend, y’all.  We’re having our first Thanksgiving feast – this one’s just Shaun, the girls and me.  I wanted to have a tradition of just doing that since that’s how it was with me growing up (only because we had family so far away).  I figure we can make our own family holiday where we can make a big old deal out of a meal, just the four of us – normally our meals are nutzo just trying to get the kids to eat, then bathe, [essential] oiled up, stories, etc.  Phew!  We’re going to slow it down and be thankful for each other; and have some turkey & pie too.

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