November 19, 2013


Posted by Lori~

I realize I am a little (a lot) out of the fresh veggie season; however recently my girlfriend and WOM-MOM follower Karla turned me onto English Cucumbers.  I have no idea why I had never tried them.  Maybe it was the plastic wrap or the price, but honestly they are great.

Karla says they have less seeds and the skin is less firm, so you do not need to peel them.  Perfect for an easy cucumber salad.

Literally, this is a child-hood recipe that my mom (crafty G-Ma) whipped up all the time.  It has four ingredients:

Cucumbers (the amount doesn't matter--just make the dressing amount based on the amount of cucumbers)
Equal parts:  Water, Vinegar, and Sugar

My mom always boiled the dressing and cooled it before adding it to the cucumbers, but I have not found that step necessary.  Instead I just mix one cup water, one cup vinegar, and one cup sugar together.  

Let is sit in the dressing overnight.  The nice thing is that the dressing will last longer than the cucumbers, and you can add cucumbers to the dressing for the same effect.  DELICIOUS!

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