January 3, 2011


I love to do crafts.  I love even better if they are CHEAP, make nice GIFTS, and can be done EASILY and QUICKLY.  I also like if the things I make are practical for around the house.
If you go into any quilt shop near you, there will be lovely fabrics, and also cool patterns of every sort.  I found this pattern at a quilt shop.  It's called "Hot Cakes" (ST-935) and it's a Susie C. Shore Design.  You can track this pattern down, or other fun ones like it, for about $6.00.
$6.00 for endless cupcakes & fewer calories!!
The supplies I needed were:
One 'fat quarter' of cotton fabric for cupcake base (around $0.99)
One 'fat quarter' of cotton fabric for cupcake top (around $0.99)
1/4 yard of insulated batting (around $2.00)
1/4 yard of cotton batting (around $4.00 per package, see below)
One 6" piece of ribbon (nominal cost: find some around the house)
Thread (around $2.00, or use what you have - neutral colors like 'natural' will give you tons of use)
Sewing items like scissors, a ruler and sewing machine
Cardboard for pattern guides (see below)
I used plastic to cut out my pieces, but cardboard would be fine
This craft size of cotton batting was perfect
Keep in mind that from the supplies above, you can get at least two oven mitts, so the cost for one is halved, or more.  Cost for supplies for one mitt:  $4.99.  I bought my supplies at JoAnn Fabrics.
FRUGAL TIP:  Sign up for mailers and emails from JoAnn fabrics (use the link above), and many other stores, and you receive regular discount coupons -- often 40-50% off one item!
The essential steps were to cut out the top and base pieces, sandwich all the layers, and sew together.  Easy peasy.  It took longer to pick out the 'ingredients' at the store than to make the cupcake!
$4.99 = Sweet Treat!
Don't do what I did to this one:
Oops!!  It was my favorite.  :(
FRUGAL TIP:  For gifts, I prefer to give an actual item.  Much as gift cards are convenient, when you give an obvious monetary amount, the recipient knows exactly how much you spent.  When you give an item, like this cupcake, people will be really excited about receiving such a cute, yet practical gift, they will be totally impressed that you made it, and they won't guess that it only cost you $5.00.  So get crafting!!PARTY TIP:  This idea is versatile--blow up your cupcake to make placemats!  Consider throwing a cupcake themed party!  The possibilities are endless!~Ethne