January 27, 2011


Posted by Lori~
I live in a late 1930’s house with a galley-style kitchen. Don’t get me wrong—I LOVE my kitchen, but with an old house come little to no cupboard space. 
Lack of cupboard space!
So that means…all my dry baked good items were shoved into a small lower cupboard=OUCH!
lower cupboard=SAD AND INCONVENIENT!
I had NO IDEA what baking supplies I had and how much!  In addition, all the items were forcibly scattered all over the kitchen floor in order to get to other items (in and out and ALL OVER).  This became even more of a nightmare when two or more people are trying to cook in my already tight kitchen!
what an unorganized MESS!
MISSION:  find a more suitable location for my baking goods—that is easily accessible and of course spend little to no money on a simple solution.
Once again—I enlisted my great friend Reagen who had a fabulous solution—why not install a shelf above the stove.  (As you can see I still have outdated appliances that WORK!  This = no replacement yet.) So for now a shelf will do the TRICK!  Store location=of course…IKEA!  MY FAVE!
Quick planned trip to Minneapolis—of course not for just the shelf but to ring in the New Year and start WOM-MOM with Ethne!  $14.99 later!  And it is PERFECT!  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! 
I now have more cupboard space for other items, the products are accessible (in my wonderful stainless steel canisters that were a wedding gift), and at any given time—ask me:  how much sugar do you have, do you need flour, etc.?  And…I can answer with confidence.
Now—this renovation isn’t complete.  I do have plans to jazz up the stainless steel canisters with labels (CHECK FUTURE POSTS FOR THIS!).

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Anonymous said...

Love this! Would like to see your labels when done. Have you been here? http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/p/search.html
I recently found the site looking for ideas for spice labels. Fun! But I lose track of time . . .