July 23, 2014

Our family is growing...

Posted by Ethne~

...by four paws!

It is with trepidation (on my part, being a cat person my whole life) and excitement all around (for both Shaun and me - the girls don't know yet) that Shaun and I have decided to get a dog.

The breed is a Papillon with a little long-haired Chihuahua mixed in.  The owner who bred the parent dogs owns them both and assures me of the parent temperaments and lack of yippy-ness.  Whit (my sister) concurs, since the owner is her next-door-neighbor.

Dad (Louie) is 100% Papillon and looks like it.  That's what I envision our dog to look like.  Mom (Lola) is 1/2 Papillon and 1/2 long-haired Chihuahua.  She looks just like a Yorkie.  I mean, JUST LIKE.  So I can't say what the puppies will look like for sure, except that I envision them to look more Papillon than mom, since they have more Papillon in them.  

Theodore has also not been told, though I have started moving his food to a newer, higher location, and he thinks I'm nuts.  Being a large cat, he will tower over this dog.

When we pick up puppy in mid-August, I'll tell you more!

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