June 3, 2014


Posted by Lori~

I have been spending LOTS of time in the yard recently and I have to say it is looking pretty!  However, there is an infestation of dandelions in my little city, ND town, and my yard is seeing a few pop up.

I could get down on my hands and knees and pull them by hand!  BOO--THAT DOES NOT SOUND FUN!

But, I have discovered the most AMAZING YARD TOOL!  I first read about it here.

I NEEDED THE WEED ROCKET and sent Steve an email!  He ordered it as a surprise to me.  How romantic!

And...I LOVE IT!

You simply poke the rocket into the center of the weed  and step down on the lever.

Check it out...it even pulls out the root!

Now you can push down on the handle lever to release the weed!  AMAZING!

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Reagen Thalacker, SELCO said...

I love how the definition of "romantic" gestures change over a course of a relationship. Bet you never thought that a weed removal gadget would ever be one!