December 11, 2012


Posted by Lori~

Recently, I did a semi-reorgnization of my linen closet.  Then a trip to IKEA, re-inspired me. Yuck!  What a mess it had become!

I actually purchased these white containers at IKEA.  They are actually in the food storage section of IKEA and are a total steal.  They do come in packs of two (notice that one has holes and one does not).

MUCH BETTER!  PS:  I did go through and end up throwing a bunch of expired items, organized a bunch of items.  IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE ORGANIZED!


jaka said...

makasih gan buat infonya dan salam sukses

tejo said...

mantap bos artikelnya dan sangat menarik

sarmin said...

terimakasih mas infonya dan semoga bermanfaat