December 6, 2012


Posted by Lori~

As you know here, Mur-Man celebrated his 3rd birthday recently with a ROCK themed party!  And in honor of the party (and to continue the theme), mom (aka Crafty G-Ma) and my two nephews (J and P) and I whipped up some microphone cupcakes!  SUPER EASY!  Perfect for a daycare birthday celebration.
Ahead of their visit, I made and froze chocolate cupcakes (out of the box).  When they arrived, I thawed them out. 

You simply take colored ice cream cones and put some M&Ms (or other candy) in the middle to weigh down the cone.  You then put frosting on the inside edge of the cone and place the cupcake to ensure that it won’t move.  From there you frost the cupcake and then cover with sprinkles.

ADORABLE and awesome!

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