June 26, 2012

Bedroom Furniture Progress!

Posted by Ethne~

Remember my solid, yet homely, dark brown bedroom furniture?  No?

Well here’s a refresher.

And remember my sister Whit moved back to town from Georgia at last?

The best evidence Whit's back is her cat Largie - dressed up as a princess

Well, I wasn’t feeling up to painting my furniture, but Shaun and I needed to use it.  I was determined that if we didn’t paint it before we started using it, the painting would never get done.

So what does ‘Whit’s back in town’ + ‘Furniture needs painting’ with a little ‘Ethne complaining’ thrown in = ?  Why yes, it means I wrangled Whitney into helping Shaun paint the bedroom furniture!

Shaun got the girls sanding drawers

So it’s progress, Friends.  I’m determined to be using our bedroom furniture by the 4th of July!


Gail said...

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Caren said...

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