February 13, 2011


Day 10

Posted by Lori and Ethne~

Lori and I have really had fun with 10 Days of Wuv!  We’ve done stuff for friends, family, each other and most especially, our sweet husbands.  Plus, Valentine’s Day colors are my favorite out of the whole rainbow (hello pink!), so I’m in my glory. J

Each day, our homemade love note jars collected little sweet nothings to and from each other – and we had a ‘no-peek’ policy, so we didn’t see what was in the jar till the end.  I was really pleased to see the jar fill up.  For me, it was like the thrill of getting Christmas cards and birthday cards in the mail; like getting rsvp’s for my wedding and showers; like seeing new friends on Facebook; and like seeing new Followers here!  Except this jar was just for us.

Jar full of LOVE!

As I suspected, Shaun’s and my jar contained some sassy messages, and some personal ones that I’ll keep just for us.  Some fun ones I’ll share though:

Ethne to Shaun: "I love that you keep me supplied in mimosas."
Ethne to Shaun: "I love how you have the utmost integrity and work ethic."
Shaun to Ethne:  "Stop effing blogging.  Love, Shaun."
Shaun to Ethne: "Love is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.  Lucky for me I got caramel and not coconut."

Lori loves the love jar and LOVES the sweet notes her hubby Steve left for her.  Of course not all will be shared, but here are a few of Lori's faves:

Steve to Lori:  "I love when you're proud of me."
Lori to Steve:  "I love your support and help with the blog."
Steve to Lori:  "I love whatever you love."
Lori to Steve:  "I love nerds (totally intelligent guys) and that means I LOVE everything about you."
Lori to Steve:  "I love our son and I love that he looks like you."

This year Lori decided to do something special for Steve--the media center at the college where both Steve and Lori work shot a video of Mur-Man sending a special v-day message to his Dad.  ENJOY!

Lori and I’ll be saving our notes for some day when we need a smile or want to set our hearts aflutter on account of our hubbies. 

We will, however, make one note a permanent fixture in our daily lives.  Lori and I saw this floursack towel (I call it a tea towel cuz I think it sounds better) idea on one of our fave sites, smashedpeasandcarrots and we knew we must do it!  A notebook page embroidered onto the tea towel, which contains one of our special messages from the love note jar.  I know, right?  Awesome!

I’ve embroidered a couple of these towels before – they’re a great, THRIFTY bridal shower or baby shower gift.  I do have a short attention span when it comes to my crafts, though, so I haven’t done one of these in a long while (in other words, I move from project to project quickly because I find new things I want to make all the time!).  This one, I just couldn’t pass up.

Using a fabric pencil, draw out a 5 X 7 inch square and sew blue notebook lines 1/2 inch apart.
Using the sewing machine for this makes it easy.  Don't forget to sew a red vertical notebook line.

Oops!  The tension was wrong so Ethne had to rip it out completely!  Bah!

Write out your love note text in fabric pencil - spacing to your preference.

Sew on message.

Ethne ripped this 's' out because it was ugly.

Friends, thank you for visiting us during our first theme week!  There are more theme weeks, giveaways, food ideas, coupons, crafts, make-up, mom and fashion tips planned and coming up!  We are having a blast and we’re just getting started!  You never know what antics we’ll be getting into next….

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