May 4, 2014

NEW XTRA LONG SHOWER CURTAIN (made a little shorter)!

Posted by Lori~

I had all these plans to make my white shower curtain longer, but honestly it never happened.  And then, Mur-man spilled medicine all over it (that would not come out).  Time for a new curtain.

I emailed my good friend and WOM-MOM follower Reagen for shower curtain advice.  I wanted an extra long shower curtain that would fit well into my current bathroom.

She emailed back with several options, but I landed on this one (plus it was on sale!):

Shower curtain found here.
It arrived in the mail and I immediately hung it.  The problem was, it was too long.  In my quick thinking I didn't even measure the space to ensure that 96 inches would fit and it didn't.  It was roughly 10 inches too long.

Thank goodness my Mom (crafty G-Ma) was in town.  She helped me shorten it.

We didn't want to cut the shower curtain (it was better to not have a raw edge), but instead we were able to double-fold it twice and sew along both seams.

You can't even tell that it has been shortened.  I totally love it!

The best part is that it is still extra-long!  Thank you Reagen for your awesome shopping skills!  Just under $24.00 for a shower curtain was perfect (and I received free shipping)!  PERFECTION!  

Now I need to finish up the bathroom by painting, creating a window roman shade, and so much more!  More updates to come!

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